PM Dancila “greeted” by booing in Arad

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After facing protesters’ harsh criticism during an electoral rally in Cluj on Thursday, PM Viorica Dăncilă has been welcomed in Arad on Friday by over 200 protesters chanting  “PSD, the red plague”, ‘Viorica, don’t forget, Ardeal does not want you”, “Thieves”, “In jail”, “Shame on you”.
A group of tens of high school students have also “greeted” the prime minister with anti-Gov’t slogans at the municipality in Lipova where Dancila met the local PSD members.
On the other hand, a small group of PSD supporters were trying to counter balance the protesters’ action, applauding the prime minister in front of the Timisoara Prefecture, and chanting “PSD”. However, their voices were covered by the protester’s voices, who also whistled and blew vuvuzelas. One of the protesters was also shouting anti-PSD slogans by a megaphone.

Gendarmes have been deployed in the area, providing a cordon to separate the two groups.

Dancila: I’s stunned

In retort to the protests, PM Dancila said she and her colleagues are not afraid of screams and offenses.

I want to say one thing: I am not afraid, my colleagues are n0t afraid, we have no problem to come to Arad, Timisoara or other counties. We are not afraid either by screams or by offenses. The progress in a county is not made by offenses, or yelling, if you want to do good things for a county you come up with projects and you enforce them. I thought here is a pole of civilisation, that people here are hospitable and very civilised, and what is happening now, when some citizens are coming and offending, is not typical to this region,” the premier replied.

Those who have no projects try to hide this and come up with division and offenses. I heard all kind of things shouted, I am stunned with the way some understand to act”, she added.

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