PM Dancila heckled in Hunedoara while on the campaign trail

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While campaigning in Hunedoara county, Romanian PM Viorica Dancila was welcomed with criticism and booing by some citizens.

A woman asked the premier why she won’t resign from office, also reproaching Dancila that she is Okaying laws “that harm Romanians”. Dancila retorted that the laws adopted by her government are for the citizens’ benefit.

Please, a question for you, who won’t you resign? You adopt laws and harm us,” said the woman.

For these laws are for the people and I am a good Romanian and a good Romanian is taking the side of Romania and wants stability in the country. And I think the resignation of a government that did for Romanians…. must go on walking on the same line. I hope you, being also a woman, will prove solidarity with other women. I respect your opinion. And I hope, if you look on everything this Government did, to change your mind. Nice to meet you!”, replied PM Dancila.

At the same time, while local authorities were welcoming the prime minister with flowers, the crowd was booing her and a young man heckled her. Gendarmes gave the man a RON 200 fine for “addressing injuries to an official”.

“Shame on you! Dancila, the most docile!” said the angry protester.

“I told some good words to the lady premier and her employees got upset. They asked my to present by ID card and fined me for addressing injuries to her. Poor her, she <has been injured>, it’s terrible. She must be crying in pain“, the man said ironically, as quoted by Digi24.

PM Viorica Dancila, accompanied by Health and Finance ministers, Sorina Pintea and Eugen Teodorovici were on campaign trail in Hunedoara county. They visited the Hunedoara Municipal Hospital and the Corvini Castle, but also the County Emergency Hospital in Deva and the Transgaz building yard in the town of Brad.

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