PM Dăncilă in Brussels to meet EC leaders Juncker, Timmermans and PES President Stanishev, says will drop judicial changes

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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is to meet on Tuesday, in Brussels, European Commission leaders – President Jean-Claude Juncker and Vice-President Frans Timmermans – and PES President Sergei Stanishev, to discuss issues related to the recent election for European Parliament.

PM Dancila announced on Monday, at the beginning of the Government sitting, that she will pay a visit to Brussels in the context of recent elections. Romanian PM vows to drop judicial changes

Before leaving for Brussels, Premier Viorica Dancila granted an interview to, saying she will abandon controversial judicial reforms, signaling a change in direction for her party after its longtime leader Liviu Dragnea was jailed last week.

Dăncilă told POLITICO, she aims to put the PSD on a new path.

“This topic did a lot of harm to the party and polarized our society,” Dăncilă said in a phone interview from Bucharest. “I want the PSD to become a party of balance, and from now on, the justice subject does not exist on the government’s agenda, but we will focus on areas of interest that are a priority for people, such as health, education and infrastructure.”

“I could not say that this agenda was linked only to Mr. Dragnea. There have been many issues that have appeared in the public space regarding actions against people who were proven innocent,” Dăncilă said about the judicial reforms.

She added that while there should be a debate about the Romanian justice system, the PSD had perhaps taken that discussion too far. “I think politicians should not intervene in the justice system,” she said.

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