PM Dăncilă makes new blunder, says sex instead of CEx

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PM Viorica Dăncilă  has made a new blunder during the Executive Committee meeting of the ruling Social Democrat Party, abbreviated as CEx. Trying to convince her colleagues to drop any rows, Dăncilă, currently interim chairwoman said “sex” instead of “CEx”, making all burst with laughter.

I thought in this sex….” Viorica Dăncilă said without realizing her mistake, but then correcting herself when everybody burst out laughing. “CEx, not sex,” the prime minister rectified, also laughing at her error.

During her final speech within the CEx meeting, the premier voiced her discontent that the same rebukes and topics are being resumed, announcing the congress date is nailed for June 29 while other top leaders would have wanted the congress to be postponed.

I hope relations with PES until are defrosted by June 27 as well and to have guests from PES attending the congress”, she argued, voicing hope the censure motion will fail in Parliament and that PSD will have “a successful congress”.

Viorica Dăncilă is known for the numerous blunders during her speeches as PM.

After the EP election and Liviu Dragnea’s arrest and after she took over the interim leadership of PSD, Dăncilă tried to explain her mistakes, arguing that she had to follow a preliminary stance mapped out by the party that she did not find comfortable.

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