PM Dancila: Meetings in the US have put Romania back ‘on the world map’. ‘Not my fault about cancellation of Jordanian King’s visit’

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PM Viorica Dancila has stated on Tuesday night that she had had “very good” meetings in the United States, which have put Romania “back on the world map”. At the same time, the Romanian premier argued it’s not her fault the Jordan’s King cancelled his visit in Romania at the last minute.

I had very good meetings in Washington (…) In my opinion, all these meetings, discussions have put Romania back on the world map and I say it considering the positive appreciations for our country and for the current ruling, from the United States“, Dancila told Romania TV.

She argued that “Romania must have its own opinion in order to be respected”, while considering that the stance voiced in the US capital favouring a relocation of Romania’s Embassy to Jerusalem is not opposite to the EU stance, but it will “a complementary one”.

As for the King of Jordan, who cancelled his visit to Romania at the last minute on Monday, precisely after her announcement on the embassy relocation to Jerusalem, the Romanian premier said she is not to blame for that. “It’s not may fault that Jordan’s King has not come anymore. The President could have called him and tell him he doesn’t agree, for the king is the president’s counterpart, and not the premier’s”, she argued.

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