PM Dancila on helicopter tour in Moldavia, the only region lacking highways in Romania, welcomed by booing, anti-gov’t banners


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PM Viorica Dancila is on tour in Moldavia, the only region in Romania that has no metre of highway. According to, the prime minister chose to travel by helicopter. Dancila is accompanied by Transports minister, Razvan Cuc.

The above-mentioned sources reported that the premier had left Suceava to Iasi by a private helicopter on Thursday afternoon, after cancelling her scheduled visit to Botosani.

Dancila was in Suceava county in Wednesday and Thursday to attend a PSD meeting in Falticeni and to visit Putna and Cacica monasteries.

PSD has confirmed it had rented a helicopter for the PM’s Moldavian tour. “Yes, PSD rented a helicopter, from the party’s money”, said Mihai Fifor, PSD secretary general.

In her turn, PM Dancila explained: “I have come by car many times, it is the first time I am coming by helicopter. I have to reach more counties. I know about the infrastructure, we are trying to develop it“.

The premier, who is also PSD chairwoman, is touring the party county organisations to strengthen her position before the presidential election. Dancila said that, unlike other candidates running for Presidency, PSD “is not so arrogant like others who claim election are practically won”.

PM Viorica Dăncilă is in Iasi today, where she was welcomed by booing and protesters chanting anti-government slogans: “Is all that PSD knows, to keep us in poverty“, “Thieves“, “Criminals”. At the same time, a man shouted “Illiterate“, and “Go to jail, all of you“.

Iasi mayor, Mihia Chirica, ousted from PSD, has recently posted on Facebook a message addressed to PM Dancila in the wake of her visit, voicing hope she will come to Iasi in order “to say goodbye to the votes of Iasi residents”.

Before the PSD Executive Committee sitting in Iasi, Dancila met the representatives of a local association that us lobbying for the construction of A8 Highway, which is to link Iasi to Targu Mures.

Both the prime minister and the Transports minister made new promises on the most expected highway.

Minister Cuc stated the A8 Highway will be declared a goal of national importance in order to benefit of the state funding, as an alternative for the initial financing option through public-private partnership.

“We’ll discuss the Great Union highway at the next CSAT meeting and we’ll declare it a goal of national importance, meaning the sections Târgu Mureş – Târgu Neamţ, Târgu Neamţ – Iaşi, Iaşi – Ungheni, including the bridge over the Prut River”, Răzvan Cuc vowed.

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