PM Dancila presents 6-month balance sheet: Budget revenues up by 12pc against 2017


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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila has presented on Monday the balance sheet of 6 month of governance, stressing that the budget revenues in H1 2018 amounted to RON 132 billion, by 12% higher than in the same period in 2017, when the revenues amounted to RON 117.2 billion.

“The revenues are by 12% higher than in the similar period last year. There is RON 15 billion more, it has been used to increase the people’s earnings,” Viorica Dancila said.

Main issues stressed:

  • The transfer of social security contributions from employer to employee is a good decision. “There is a surplus of 36.8% against last year. (…) The additional revenues to the state budget are of RON 9 billion. The amount of RON 3.1 billion are available to the state budget,” PM Dancila said;
  • The amounts allotted by the EU have increased this year by 19.7% against 2017 and are ten times larger than the same period in 2016;
  • Public investments have increased by RON 3 billion;
  • FDI increased by 65.7% in three years, i.e. EUR 2.21 billion during January-June 2018;
  • Unemployment went down to 3.48% in July 2018, down from 4.02% in December 2017 and 4.8% in December 2016. The target is to reach below 3% by 2020;
  • The physicians’ earnings are beginning to close up to the other EU countries. “In this way we will put an end to the doctors’ exodus, we have signals many want to return home,” Dancila said;
  • State aid for companies from Hollywood in order to promote Romania in their movies;
  • Projects – public-private partnerships for highways, hospitals, a new airport, navigable channel, irrigations;
  • The revival of two pig breeds – a national pride.

Ruling PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has stated on Sunday evening that the most important measures adopted by her Cabinet will be presented on Monday.

The SocDem chair also stated that, after employees have higher salaries, pensioners have decent incomes and companies in Romania earn more, people will be happier and it will be more difficult for such a people to be manipulated. He explained this is the only reason for which “these ones” are criticizing the ruling party and are launching attacks against him.


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