PM Dancila sends reconciliation message to ousted Social Democrats and to Ponta’s Pro Romania. How has Geoana and other ex-SocDems retorted?

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Interim president of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila has announced in Parliament on Wednesday that both Mircea Geoana (former PSD chairman, former FM and former presidential candidate) as well as other expelled members who will want to come back and join PSD are welcome, adding she wants all people of good faith standing by her.

Dancila said she is waiting for all those “who are with PSD in spirit”.

We want to open wide the gates and all those who will want to join us will be always welcome. Of course, Mircea Geoana and other colleagues will have room here. I want all people of good faith to return, the ones who remained Social Democrats in their heart even if they left the party for various reasons”, the premier pointed out.

Mircea Geoana was expelled from PSD in November 2011.

As for the recently left Social Democrats who chose to join ex-PM Victor Ponta’s party, Pro Romania, the head of the executive said PSD has no alliance with Pro Romania, as there has been no talks with Victor Ponta yet.

On the other hand, Marcel Ciolacu, proposed by PSD to take over Liviu Dragnea’s position as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, has taken the first step on the courtship intended to Pro Romania, stating that the Pro Romania group in parliament must be acknowledged.

As the prime minister and interim president has already admitted the people’s vote, we are now trying to see what happened, and definitely, we’ll recognize Pro Romanian group in the Chamber of Deputies”, Ciolacu said.

Bucharest mayor, Gabriela Firea, recently reinstated in PSD’s pole position, has been the first the days after the elections and after Dragnea’s imprisonment who hinted that members who joined Pro Romania last year should return to the ruling party, mentioning Marian Neacsu si Adrian Tutuianu. However, Victor Ponta’s first reaction on Tuesday to Firea’s invitation has been “thanks, but no thanks“.

Geoana, Chirica reply

Former Social Democrat leader Mircea Geoană has responded to the PM’s move, saying his immediate plans “don’t include a comeback in the militant politics”.

“My heart will always be faithful to Social Democracy, to progressive ideas and European democratic values. I understand and I encourage PSD’s need to overcome a tough period which, if not approached with courage and responsibility, has the potential to question the fate of the Romanian biggest party. I stand by my colleagues, but my immediate plans do not include a comeback in the militant politics”, Geoana retorted.

As for another ousted member from PSD, Iasi mayor Mihai Chirica told RFI he is not coming back in the party. Chirica was expelled from PSD in February last year following tough stands taken against Liviu Dragnea.

I would not come back to PSD, for the door Mrs Dancila is opening now doesn’t belong to a house that was cleaned and I won’t enter there under any circumstances, for I don’t want that my own power should contribute to the rebirth of some people of the kind of those who have just gone to jail and to make the Romanian people suffer again, I don’t want to see people in the street again, booing one another and to turn Romania again into a negative spot worldwide”, Chirica argued.

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