PM Dancila sacks ALDE secretaries of state

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PM Viorica Dăncilă has dismissed several ALDE secretaries of state, according to a decision published in the Official Gazette on Friday. Andreea Lambru, Government’s deputy secretary is among the sacked ALDE officials.

ALDE has quit the ruling coalition at the end of August.

Only three of the ALDE state secretaries have been relieved of the office by the prime minister without them asking that. Maria Magdalena Grigore, state secretary at the Foreign Ministry, Silviu Măcuţă from the Research Ministry and Cezar Caleap – EU Funds Ministry.

Other six state secretaries, including Andreea Lambru, have been relieved of duty upon their request.

On August 26, ALDE has voted to quit the ruling coalition with PSD and join a new electoral alliance with Pro Romania, led by ex-PM Victor Ponta and to endorse the independent candidature of Mircea Diaconu for the presidential election. The three ministers that were in Dancila Cabinet resigned the next day.

After that, PM Dancila proposed other replacing ministers, also coming from ALDE, to fill the vacant positions.

President Iohannis has rejected the nominations yesterday, calling on the premier to come before the Parliament for a confidence vote.

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