PM Dancila says she hasn’t been invited to the EU summit in Sibiu. The referendum is not important, she argues

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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Friday she hasn’t been invited to the EU summit in Sibiu, adding that ‘it is hard to understand and it is inappropriate that those who worked so much for Romania, who received so many appreciations, are not invited.’

The Premier said that during the presidency of the Council of the European Union, Romania has conducted titanic work to conclude 90 files, informs.

“When I had the speech at the Athenaeum I said and I believed we need unity. I invited President Iohannis and he had the opportunity to deliver the first speech, I believed we need consensus during the Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union. I haven’t been invited to Sibiu. Consider that all the European leaders will be there. It is a message we deliver for the entire Europe. How can we speak of unity if the Romanian Premier will not attend it, to speak about the achievements and about the 2019-2024 agenda,” the Premier wondered.

Dancila said the decision ‘is hard to understand’ but that ‘with faith in our hearts’ and ‘more consensuses’ things could work out.

On May 9, in Sibiu will take place the summit of EU leaders to discuss the future of the European Union. The summit will be hosted by President Klaus Iohannis, and European Council President Donald Tusk will chair the meeting. 27 heads of state and government from European countries, 36 official delegations, 400 high-level guests and about 800 journalists are just some of the participants in Sibiu.

The referendum is not important for me, only the election for European Parliament

PM Dancila said on Friday that a decision regarding the referendum on justice issues will be made by the party, but for her important are the elections for European Parliament.

“The decision will be made by the Executive Committee. We are party members, I am executive president and I believe it is important to make a decision together with our colleagues. For me the referendum is not important now, the elections for European Parliament are important, it is important to get a good score and to have as many as possible MEPs. I know how important the MEPs are to defend Romania,” Premier Dancila said.

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