PM Dancila says she was offended by protesters in Tg. Mures


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Thursday, during a PSD electoral meeting in Reghin, that while visiting the city of Targu Mures several protesters offended her and brought wreath of flowers, adding she believes no Romanian Prime Minister ever has been so offended, so controversial.

“Today, I went to the hospital in Targu Mures and I watched the frenzy, the scandal and heard the ugly things they chanted. They came with wreaths of flowers, it is unacceptable! They do this because they have no arguments, they do not have what to show. They have no country project. Their only project is based on hatred, division, insults. I believe no Prime Minister, ever, has been so insulted, so controversial, I think they want me leave every single day. I thought of this many times: is it normal what is going on? Please, believe me, I never thought of making steps back, as I know millions of Romanians stand behind me, people that expect results from the Government, thousands of people that need hope for this country. It is about you, the ones who believe in us and we need not disappoint you,” PM Dancila said, quoted by

The Premier added that Romania deserves more respect, adding that if some politicians have not been respected, part of the fault is theirs.


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