PM Dancila to foreign media: “We are no longer interested in the judiciary overhaul”

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Romanian PM Viorica Dancila told an interview to Bloomberg that the risk of triggering the so-called Article 7 in the case of Romania is gone, as her Government has resumed dialogue with Brussels. The interview comes less than a month from former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea’s imprisonment.

Dancila also says that her Cabinet is not longer interested “in the judiciary overhaul”, and that “represents a step forward”.

“I favor a different approach,” Dancila said. “A pro-European one and strong commitment to EU values.”

She also vows to revive the Social Democrat Party, despite the poor results in the EP elections, by “returning to the roots”. “We’ll present a political program that will show our strong support for EU values.”

“We resumed constructive dialogue with Brussels – we don’t want to give any reasons for potential sanctions,” Prime Minister Dancila said Tuesday in a phone interview from Bucharest. “I strongly believe the danger of triggering the so-called Article 7 in the case of Romania is gone,” she said, referring to the EU’s mechanism for penalizing errant member-states. Bloomberg reports.


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