PM Dancila’s plans if the censure motion succeeds

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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Thursday evening that if the censure motion against her cabinet is successful in Parliament, she will fight even more, in the opposition, to win the presidential election and return PSD to power.

If the  non-confidence vote succeeds, I will fight even more, in the opposition, to win the presidential election and recapture power. It is the only alternative that mayors have. Had they not wanted that, they would have not endorsed me, but it is in their interest first of all, and then we will have a comparison to see what the people coming after us do (…) ‘” Dancila told Romania TV private broadcaster when asked if PSD decides to endorse independent Mircea Diaconu as the presidential candidate of the Left- Wing in case the no-confidence vote succeeds.

She added that if the vote succeeds, a new government must be set up as soon as possible.

Coming up with a government and set it up as soon as possible, but I think that doing so in the midst of an election campaign betrays lack of accountability and does not do good to this country. The censure motion is certainly the Opposition’s tool, I am not faulting the Opposition for tabling it, but the way in which they go out into the public space with certain statements, with certain things they want to do, 400 furloughed people, their claim that we have no pension and salary money. So, they have not pledged not to cut pensions and wages (…) We are the country with the second largest economic growth in Europe. Instead of enjoying that, they criticise,” said Dancila.

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