PM-designate optimistic about his Gov’t being invested, announces successful negotiations

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Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban , leader of the National Liberal Party, has voiced optimism about his government taking shape at the end of the consultations with the parties which voted for the censure motion. Orban said that he is confident and that chances for his future Cabinet to be invested “are very high.”

We agreed on a collaboration to be validated the leadership of PNL and of the other political formations. We are on the right track, we have taken serious steps forward and I am just as confident as when I was designated that our chances to succeed the investiture of the Government are very high,” Orban said at the Parliament on Tuesday, after talks with ALDE, UDMR, PMP and USR. On Wednesday, Ludovic Orban is to have a final discussion with Pro Romania.

The Liberal chairman told the parties “the names of the candidates for the minister positions as finally agreed”.

Ludovic Orban mentioned that he also agreed, among others, to repeal the legal provisions related to “the ghostly Investment and Development Fund.”

He revealed he had a very good discussion with the USR representatives on all topics they had proposed, in electoral and judiciary matters.

In his turn, USR leader Dan Barna also announced that he had  reached an agreement with the PNL representatives, yet adding that his party will take a final decision related to its support, or lack of it, for the new Government, probably next week.

For now at last, USR seems to have dropped the idea of immediate snap elections, but insists on them being held as soon as possible after the presidential election.

“USR considers that the right solution we discussed with both the Prime Minister-designate and the President is that of snap elections. However, the Romanian President decided snap elections are not the best solution right now. We have also tried in the past couple of days to check if there could be a majority to support the Government. And what happened yesterday in Parliament proved that there isn’t. (...),” Barna said, referring to the negative vote in the Chamber of Deputies of their initiatives on “No criminals” and the bill on electing the mayors in two rounds.

Therefore, we have come up with a proposal of a political agreement that includes the priorities USR believes should be on every Government’s agenda. (…) We also asked them that early elections should remain on the table as a goal to be achieved right after the presidential elections. PM-designate Orban agreed. (…) In the end we did reach an agreement. Probably by the end of the week we will also have the list of ministers, so that we could make a final decision whether to support this government or not,” Barna concluded.

UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) leader Kelemen Hunor has also voiced optimism that the Orban Government has serious chances to pass the confidence vote in Parliament. However, he has not revealed what their answer is, only saying that UDMR will decide whether it will support the new Executive or not after the ruling programme and the proposals of ministers are revealed.

We think that there are serious, good chances for this Government to pass Parliament in the upcoming weeks, but we need to wait first for the Prime Minister-designate to make public the ruling programme and the list of ministers, which should happen this week, given the ten-day deadline since President Iohannis designated Ludovic Orban as PM(…). We believe that we need a written agreement and we handled a draft to our Liberal colleagues with all the proposals,” said Kelemen Hunor.

As for PMP, they asked to join the government and to also have a minister for Liaison with the Republic of Moldova, and so far there has no agreement on that, but Ludovic Orban voiced confidence they will eventually count on the PMP’s vote in Parliament.

Of course, I agree to set up a department under the authority of the prime minister to manage the affairs with R. of Moldova. As for PMP joining the government with ministers, in all previous discussions with other parties the preference was that they are not represented in the Executive and that there is a one-colour government,” Orban mentioned.

The main deal with ALDE was to agree on amending the justice reforms in Parliament, and to maintain the sole taxing rate and amending the GEO 114.

“ALDE has agreed with the National Liberal Party (PNL) that reforms or changes in justice will be carried out only through debate in Parliament, not through emergency ordinances,” said in his turn ALDE Chair, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

ALDE lobbied for the Special Section for investigating magistrates to continue to work under the authority of the Superior Council of Magistrates. “This Section must be independent, as well, and should no longer be used as a means of blackmail and pressure on the magistrates”.

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