PM-designate slams Parliament speakers’ boycott. How many votes Orban Cabinet is counting on?

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PM-designate Ludovic Orban has told a press conference before the Parliament plenary session convened to vote on his proposed Cabinet, that he is counting on the votes of at least 237 MPs. At the same time, Orban has slammed PSD’s “embarrassing and shameful boycott”, arguing none of the Parliament speakers will chair the plenary sitting today.

“There are 237 to 243 votes. I am confident there will be a parliamentary majority that will put Romania’s interest first and which will give up the boycott attitude, which is incomprehensible“, Ludovic Orban said, explaining there will be two MPs missing, one from USR and another one from ALDE, on grounds of health condition.

He added it is a first in the past 30 years that two parliamentary groups – PSD and Pro Romania – are boycotting the vote to invest a new government. Orban said that neither the Senate Speaker, Teodor Melescanu, nor the Chamber of Deputies speaker, Marcel Ciolacu, will attend the plenary session.

“The PSD leadership is preventing the speaker of the two chambers of the Parliament to chair the plenary session, it is a shameful, embarrassing  boycott, which casts an extremely negative image, instead of choosing the normal way to attend the Parliament session, and shows contempt against a fundamental state institution”, Orban further said.

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