PM Grindeanu admits in Brussels that EO 13 was wrong

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While in Brussels during the press conference with the Romanian journalists after meeting European Council president Donald Tusk, PM Sorin Grindeanu admitted the emergency ordinance no 13 planned to amend the criminal law was ‘arguable’.

“Even if at some point you come to a decision that can be arguable, when there are manifestations, protests in the society, what we had in the country, means that your decision was not the right one, and you have to withdraw that decision, and we did it,” PM Grideanu stated, adding that the protesters’ messages have also been understood.

“I have been watching the protests during all this time and I tell you honestly: (…) I respect the protesters’ opinion, I appreciate the fact that protests were peaceful, I even appreciate very much the creativity that many of our fellow countrymen have proved during this time. You have to know that I understood all their messages,” the prime minister said, adding that debates on the criminal codes’ amendment will occur in Parliament involving other political actors as well.

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