PM: Income tax to be 10%, deficit below 3%


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PM Mihai Tudose has stated on Thursday that the income tax will be 10% as announced, while Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea said that deficit would be below 3% in 2017 and below the same threshold in 2018.

Asked by the journalists about “a new European Commission report” claimed by Liberal senator Florin Câțu, saying that “the income tax will decrease to 12% and not to 10%”, PM Tudose answered: “Let’s be serious. No. We talk about 10%, has Mr. Câțu talked about 12% (…) The income tax will be 10%, no matter what Mr. Câțu is dreaming of”.

As far as the deficit surpassing 3% in 2017, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea explained that, according to reckoning, the deficit will be below 3% in 2017 and below this threshold in 2018, as well.

Let’s wait for the year-end and if the deficit will be below 3%, then what Mr. Câțu and others will say about it? (…) The Government is the one that enforces the ruling programme, we calculated and established the deficit would be below 3% in 2017, and below 3% in 2018,” Dragnea said.

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