PM kicks off negotiations on snap elections

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PM Ludovic Orban has announced on Monday that he will start discussions with the leaders of the parliamentary parties to trigger early elections. Orban claims that snap elections cannot be held sooner than 4 months since the moment when the Government is dismissed.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has decided to set up a committee chaired by Ludovic Orban mandated to start negotiations to trigger early elections. To enable early elections, the current Cabinet must by sacked while the Parliament needs to reject two successive PM proposals. Orban admitted the procedure is a difficult one, and the timeline says snap elections cannot be held before at least 120 days have elapsed.

Asked if he is willing to resign to enable early elections, Orban avoided a direct answer.

“In case we consider we can reach early elections we’ll resort to the most efficient procedure, which is, indeed, very tiresome, and involves certain deadlines (…) at least 120 days must elapse before the elections,” the PM said.

You have to count on almost 50% of the MPs who won’t vote two Cabinets in a row,” Orban added.

He pointed out that, if a majority is held in favour of snap elections, they might be organised on the same day with the local elections, which are due sometime during June 14-24.

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