PM on potential scenarios after June 1: No mask at the seaside and in the mountains, private events, restaurants opened 100% with vaccinated people

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PM Florin Cîțu said on Tuesday that the effects of the vaccination campaign are already visible, as the number of Covid-19 infections is on decline.

The PM argues that, under these circumstances, some restrictions might be lifted as of June 1.

So, protection facemasks will not be mandatory anymore at the seaside and in the mountains, while restaurants can be opened 100% for the vaccinated customers.

At the same time, private events, such as wedding and christening parties will be allowed only with vaccinated guests.

“I want to thank Romanians for having a peaceful Easter holiday, with no events whatsoever. People understood to observe the rules in force and it can be seen that we have better and better results on the vaccination rate”, the premier stated.

He reminded that the infection rate is not exceeding 3 per 1,000 inhabitants in any county, due to rules observance and vaccination rate. The PM pointed out that this is visible particularly in big cities where a great part of the residents have got vaccinated.

“Bucharest, Cluj, Timișoara, Constanța, almost all big cities report a vaccination rate over 20%. The rate stands at 34% in Cluj, at 30% in Bucharest, so, it is clear we have to preserve this strong pace. It is a direct link between the decline of the infected people and the rise of the vaccination rate. If we reach the threshold of 5 million vaccinated people on June 1, we might relax further restrictions,” Citu announced, voicing optimism on the 5 million threshold of people vaccinated by June 1, as 3.4 million Romanians have already taken the first dose of the anti-Covid jab.

He revealed that some restrictions might be lifted, such as the obligation to wear facemask at the seaside or while hiking in the mountains. “We can also talk about restaurants opening their indoor venues 100% if the customers are vaccinated. Or the hotels at the seaside might be allowed to open at 100% capacity provided that tourists are vaccinated. We’ll have pilot events in Bucharest and Cluj with vaccinated people and I am convinced that results will be good”, PM Citu said, adding that more scenarios are to be further discussed.

As for giving up to wear the facemask outdoors, he said: “No, for the time being. I would wait August 1 for this thing, it depends”.

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