PM pledges for pension increase, points to new budget shortages left by former gov’t

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PM Ludovic Orban has stated that pensions will increase next year and the draft budget will be shaped to consider this rise.

“We have a ruling programme (…) but we currently have a pension law in force and we intend to apply to. It is less probable that the parliament amends the law in an electoral year.  So, with this law in force, the pensions will normally increase (by 40pc next year). We’ll draft the budget considering this rise”, Orban mentioned.

His statements come after the central bank chief economist Valentin Lazea has warned over the impact that the pension law will have on the budget in the upcoming years.

“The law stipulates that it will be enforced as of September 1, 2021, except for the increase already done on September 1, 2019 and the one to be enforced as of September 1, 2020. In other words, the increase of the pension point by 40pct as of September 1 can be delayed “, Lazea said, adding that this is the only solution to keep the budget within limits.”

The Liberal PM came with a new warning though that there are so many problems in the budget that he doesn’t know if all them had been detected. Orban talked about the overdue payments to the companies, about the delays from the Health House in settling up the medical and maternity leaves.

At the same time, he announced his government is planning to amend the emergency ordinance 114 (GEO 114) , labeling it as a “criminal” bill that is seriously affecting all sectors.

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