PM Ponta: By September 1 we’ll have the tax code and the VAT cut according to a constitutional formula


Prime Minister Victor Ponta has announced on Tuesday that until September 1 the tax code and the VAT cut to 19% will be approved, in a constitutional formula.
“First of all, I am very happy that the law on tax amnesty has been promulgated so that a series of legislative and enforcement mistakes since 2010 onwards can be mended. Secondly, I do not know whether to rejoice or not, but I understand that we have in force the Tax Procedure Code. There is no tax code, but we have the Tax Procedure Code. I mean we have the wagon, but we have no horses. Maybe this is the German way to work, do not know, or a Romanian one. I can say only one thing – that I still believe that a political decision, one hundred percent political, a wrong decision, will affect, ultimately, our economic development. After all, the tax code is a good document on long-term which, fortunately, was voted by everybody, so we also have political stability. Until September 1, according to a constitutional formula, we’ll have the tax code and the VAT cut to 19% approved. This is a target all those who invest and create jobs in Romania, pay taxes in Romania and contribute, in fact, to the growth of over four percent since the beginning of this year are looking for,” said the Prime Minister, at the Parliament Palace, while leaving the launching event of the governmental Internship program.
The Prime Minister did not specify the legislative solution to approve the Tax Code – Ordinance, taking responsibility by the government or an extraordinary session of Parliament.

PNL’s Gorghiu: PNL wants tax easing, but a set of measures is needed to compensate for tax cuts


PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu said on Monday that the National Liberal party is consistent in regard to the tax easing, however the government has to submit a set of measures to compensate for the tax cuts included in the Tax Code, measures such as fighting tax evasion and the restructuring of state companies.

Gorghiu said for TVR that President Klaus Iohannis did not reject the law, but asked for a review on the basis of several arguments to support the tax cuts. She replied to PM Victor Ponta: “The solution is very simple. You join the opposition, leave for Turkey or wherever you want to, and let another government to deal with it, a government that has all the solutions included in its governing programme.”

According to the Liberal co-chair, PNL is consistent with tax easing, as it was the party that came to front with the 16% tax on profit, as well as cutting the VAT to 19%. The Liberals further support these issues, but measures are needed in order not to influence the budget deficit.

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