PM Ponta lobbies for power sharing

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Social Democrat chairman, Prime Minister Victor Ponta retorted to the Liberals’ intention to topple his cabinet, saying he doesn’t want a PNL Government or a Government of President Klaus Iohannis, but to be a “Romania’s Government.”

“I don’t want anymore a PNL Government or a Klaus Iohannis’ Government, as he doesn’t took it from home, I want a Romania’s Government. We’ve been trying all these years –and we’ll keep on doing that as long as we stay at Victoria Palace- to be Romania’s Government, not the Government of…. Basescu also said he wanted his own Government and you all saw what was like when he actually had his own Gov’t,” Ponta told Antena 3 on Sunday evening.

He added that the party who will form the government should be settled in 2016, after the parliamentary elections.

On the other hand, PM Ponta assured one more time that the Social Democrats would vote for Eduard Hellvig as Romanian Intelligence Service in Parliament on Monday, but insisted that a debate on power sharing is mandatory. In his opinion, the more different parties’ representatives are involved in the country’s rule, the better errors can be limited.

Regarding his staying as premier, Ponta a potential situation when he is not allowed to keep this position would be if criminal prosecution were initiated against him, but expressed hope the governments will not change in 2015 “by judicial means.”

However, PSD president said he would table within the party’s National Council several statutory amendments that should assess “a trenchant attitude” towards the Gov’t or party local and central leaders who are prosecuted.

As far as the corruption case involving his brother-in-law is concerned, Ponta said he is affected by the prosecutors investigations towards members of his family, as it hurts when something is happening to his family, but avoided to comment on the file or on his brother-in-law’s responsibility.

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