PM Ponta: New Constitution draft should be nailed down in a week

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Ruling party’s president, PM Victor Ponta said on Monday after meeting of the ruling coalition leaders that the draft of the new Constitution should be “notionally” nailed down in a week time, unless Liberals changed their mind. At the same time, Ponta opined the Constitution revision should be concluded and a referendum could take place this year.

“Theoretically, we could complete the process in a week, unless the Liberals change tack and what they said last year is no longer valid this year. (…) Theoretically, there is an absolute majority, unless the Liberals had a change of heart. Since they became PDL, they might have embraced the PDL’s opinions, because in 2013-2014 PDL was the only opponent to the constitution’s revision; PNL might now rally around PDL’s position. That is the only impediment I could think of. Otherwise, this year we should have even a referendum,” Ponta argued.

“If Liberals changed their mind, then they would be in an embarrassing position. We haven’t changed our minds with anything that we submitted in 2013 and 2014 (…)”, the Romanian prime minister also added.

The joint parliamentary commission in charge with constitutional revision resumed activity on Monday by electing its new leadership and working schedule.

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