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PM Ponta returns to work, explains holiday destination

Prime Minister Victor Ponta has returned to work at Victoria Palace (the Government offices) on Monday morning, after spending the holiday abroad with his family.

Ponta climbed the entrance steps without crutches, which he often used after the left knee surgery undergone in June. He had delegated official duties to vice PM Gabriel Oprea during his holiday.

The prime minister is also expected at the National Anti-corruption Directorate eventually to be heard in the file in which he is charged with 19 crimes: tax evasion, money laundering and forgery, etc. Prosecutors say Ponta committed these deeds while he was a lawyer and that senator Dan Sova used to be his accomplice.

According to Digi 24, the expert designated to settle the prejudice is expected at DNA on Monday to file the report.

Later on the day, Ponta told a TV broadcast that he is used to being photographed, refering to the pictures revealed by the local media with him embarking on a luxury cruise for the Carribean.  The premier argued that every time he goes abroad some photos show up, adding that he is not suprised with them. At the same time, he argued that the place where spent his holiday ‘is a little bit cheaper than in Mamaia (an exclusive Romanian seaside resort)”.

“For me and for my family strictly, maybe it would be a good thing that I shouldn’t be prime minister this vacation, too, as they wouldn’t spend so much money on my surveillance in various countries,” Ponta stated.

Questioned who could have been trailing him, the premier said: “I don’t know, maybe a private agency from US (…) or a website from Romanian paid some persons there to follow us (…) It’s their right to do that, so as it is my right to go on vacation with my family.”

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