PM Ponta says he won’t resign, December 2016 is not that far away…

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Prime Minister Victor Ponta told Romania TV on Monday that he is not going to resign as PM, saying also he had felt pressures in this regard from the very beginning of taking the office. “This is the most desired office, the most wanted one,” he said.

Asked if he would resign, Victor Ponta said: “No. I was thinking how I was supposed to answer so that a second question is not on the line. December 2016 it’s not that far away.” (The date set for the next general elections – our note).

Ponta also denied considering giving up his office.

Referring to the Social Democrat Party, the premier said he wouldn’t run for the the president position at the Congress in autumn and that he would endorse the incumbent interim chairman Liviu Dragnea for this position, as he ‘the right guy’ for it.

Asked if he will go again in Turkey for a second knee surgery, Ponta replied he might avoid that, considering he had been undergoing physiotherapy lately and he is recovering.

No Tax Code, no new salary law

PM Ponta also said that, if the new Tax Code does not get the go-ahead, the new salary law will not be applied, as the two are closely connected. “They are closely linked, they are connected to the budget we’ll have in hand on the basis of the new Tax Code. First you collect the money according to the Tax Code, and then you spend it, it’s not the other way around,” Ponta said.

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