PM Ponta says not aware of his brother in law’s contracts. Iulian Her?anu under preventive arrest for 30 days


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Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Wednesday evening he was not aware of his brother in law’s contracts, that the latter did not try to get his advice and that he has warned all his family members that they will benefit from a “special treatment.”

He pointed for B1 TV that, when the signing of the contract checked by prosecutors took place on January 13, 2012, he hadn’t been appointed prime minister, he was PSD MP and party leader and he had no idea what auctions were held by the Ministry of Environment and the Comarnic city hall, while his brother in law never asked for his advice about this contract.

Ponta also said that since he took the office of prime minister, the company belonging to his brother in law has not participated to auctions, for a reason which he also claimed he did not know. “When I took over as prime minister, all those who are close to me – either directly or through alliances with my family – I told them that from that moment, their personal life will definitely benefit from special treatment, particularly because they are part of my family. I told them about the risks following the fact that someone is in a public office,” Ponta added.

Iulian Her?anu (photo), Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s brother in law, has been placed under preventive arrest for 30 days on Wednesday evening in the fraud file regarding European funds for sewerage in Comarnic, carried out by SC Grossman Engineering Group, managed by him.

In the same file businessman Vladimir Ciorba has been arrested, while former Prahova County councillor Mihai Coman will be investigated under judicial control.

The decision was taken by the judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Supreme Court) and may be appealed to the same court.


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