PM Ponta suggests immediate meeting on Constitution amendment

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PM Victor Ponta proposed a meeting of the parliamentary parties’ leaders as soon as possible to agree on the conclusion of the Constitution amendment process. He also appealed to the National Liberal Party to not sabotage this bill.

“I strongly APPEAL to the Liberal leadership to not sabotage the bill on Constitution revision! Otherwise, there is the risk of losing an opportunity that appears once in 10-15 years to modernize the state institutions and to adjust the protection systems of the fundamental rights! I must remind Liberal MPs that the Constitution revision was one of the main promises we made during the electoral campaign of 2012, when we all have been elected! Burying this project would be a serious betrayal of all who trusted us!” Ponta wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night.

His statements came after the commission on the Constitution revision did not reach any conclusion previously in the day due to a row between PNL lawmakers and the ruling party’s representatives. The commission’s members decided to meet again on May 12 to see what are the topics agreed by the parties and if there is any consensus or if the commission’s activity is useful anymore.

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