PM to propose ban on private events or restrictions to 20 people

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PM Ludovic Orban has announced on Monday that he would propose the ban of private events or to get back to the old system when only 20 people were allowed to attend such events.

I will propose that private events are stopped. It is clear that they represent one of the infection sources. Or we may get back to the old system with maximum 20 people attending.

At present, events are organized with maximum 50 people in indoors spaces and 100 people outdoor.

There are many event managers who don’t comply with this rule. So, it’s possible we decide the ban on these private events or to get back to the rule of 20 people at the most attending, meaning private events should take place in the family,” the premier explained.

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  1. Mihai says

    What we need is a lockdown before things get way out of control.
    This country is not equipped to deal with the Crisis Italy and France, many others are coping with.

    If people cannot respect each other and follow the rules.

    They need to be stopped moving around freely.

    It worked so well in March, now we are filling up beds needlessly.

    Catastrophe awaits Romania.

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