PM to release analysis on the Diaspora vote on Monday, the ruling coalition to file amendments to President Iohannis’ pact

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PM Viorica Dancila has announced she will release an analysis conducted by the Interior and Foreign Ministries regarding the vote at the EP elections in Diaspora early next week. Dancila has discussed within a PSD-ALDE coalition meeting about the government reshuffles, while also announcing the ruling parties will file amendments to the political pact proposed by President Klaus Iohannis.

The premier said she had talked to the head of state about the minister proposals and that she is waiting for an official decision in this regard. The interim mandates of three ministers are expiring on Friday, namely the Justice minister, the EU funds minister and the minister for Diaspora.

As for the deputy PM office, which has been vacant after Viorel Stefan had stepped down to take over a seat at the European Court of Accounts, PM Dancila said she is also waiting for an official answer from the Presidency.

The head of state has already announced he would not accept the PSD’s proposal, Titus Corlatean.

Amendments on the pact

At the same time, PM Dancila revealed the coalition would file amendments to the pact proposed by President Iohannis to reinforce Romania’s pro-European route.

We expect this agreement to highlight the precise discussions with all political parties. I saw it is about a project, we’ll come up with amendments so that we can also reinforce Romania’s position as member state within EU. We must talk about a two-speed Europe, we must tackle the double standard, if we have the same duties, we must also have the same opportunities. We’ll talk about the way Romania will sit on the decision-making table, to reinforce our opinion”, Dancila argued.

Analysis on Diaspora vote on Monday

Dancila said she will reveal the Interior and Foreign Ministries’ analysis on the Diaspora vote from May 26, after Romanians living abroad had been queuing for hours to cast their ballot at the referendum on justice and at the EP elections, with many of them failing to vote.

We must see which solutions are suitable, as for the ministers, we will talk inside the coalition”, the head of the Executive stated, adding that a potential dismissal of FM Melescanu, whose resignation was asked, must be decided by ALDE, the party who proposed him for this portfolio.

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