PM to USR-PLUS: I expect you to nominate a Health minister asap


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PM Florin Citu sent a message to the USR-PLUS alliance, saying he expects them to nominate a person for the Health minister seat as soon as possible.

“I proposed the interim Health minister seat to Dan Barna, as he is the deputy PM who coordinates the healthcare field. This responsibility was denied and then I assumed it, for Romania cannot afford today, amid the fight against the pandemic, to not have a Health minister. I expect the nomination of a minister as soon as possible”, the PM said.

Citu also talked about what expectations he has from a person for the Health portfolio.

“The coalition’s protocol stipulates very clearly what expectations we have from a minister, whoever he/she might be. Personally, I am looking for three qualities: no compromises or nepotism, no conflict of interests, no legal problems and to be a professional,” the premier explained.

On the other hand, USR-PLUS seems to remain strong on its position to keep its support for PM Citu withdrawn. MEP Dragos Tudorache said that Dan Barna had met President Iohannis and that the alliance’s firm stance is that Florin Citu has no more endorsement and that he needs to be replaced.

Tudorache said that the Romanian President wanted to understand the stance voiced by USR PLUS and that Dan Barna had explained very clearly to Iohannis the stance and the reasons of our conduct. “The conclusion was that, starting on Monday, to go within the coalition and look for solutions”, Tudorache said.

He underlined that their priority in the coalition meeting on Monday will be to replace Florin Citu from the PM position and that only after the new PM is decided, they will nominate a person for the Health Ministry.

In their turn, PNL leader have repeatedly reiterated their support for Florin Citu as PM. The Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban said USR PLUS must nominate another person for the Health Ministry  and PNL is endorsing Florin Citu.

Another PNL leader, Labour minister Raluca Turcan said that PM Citu has the endorsement of the National Liberal Party to remain in office, stressing that “a minority Cabinet must be avoided”.

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