PM Tudose: We have fulfilled our commitment in 2017, we’ve submitted documents to Brussels for payment worth EUR 5.2bn

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The Government has fulfilled its commitment this year to attract European funds, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose has said on Monday, stating that documents for payment worth EUR 5.2 billion have been filed to Brussels.

“We have been consistent and we have fulfilled this commitment this year (…) We have filed to Brussels for payments worth EUR 5.2 billion, now it is up to you, with your help, that the Commission processes the documents submitted and reimburse the entire amount,” Prime Minister Tudose has told European Commissioner Corina Creţu on Monday, at Victoria Palace, at the signing ceremony on two priority axes under the ROP 2014-2020 and POIM programmes.

PM Tudose said the next year’s target for European funds is at least EUR 6.3 billion.

“For the next year, we propose at least EUR 6.3 billion, and we are convinced and optimistic, and with your help and with the help of the Commission, we will exceed this amount, and we remain consistent with our priorities in terms of the destination of these European funds, health and infrastructure, and with a special note, as we are used to, the funds for agriculture, where we want to be as successful and rewarding as we are this year,” Tudose said.

“The main opponent of European funds – which is one of the main drivers of Romania’s growth – is, however, the activity in Romania at all levels. We are sometimes our own enemies, worse than any enemy abroad,” Tudose added.

Commissioner Cretu: We could extend the pilot project to other regions

“We hope that, along with the experience gained by you during the past two years, we could extend the pilot project to other regions. I congratulate you once again, mainly for the north-western region, as it is the champion. I hope that next year we find some time for Moldavia, which is not only the poorest region in Romania, but the poorest in Europe. Projects have been identified in order to increase the standard of living in this area,” European Commissioner Corina Cretu said after the meeting with PM Tudose.

She added that a platform for carboniferous regions was launched last week, which includes a special strategy for Valea Jiului, for the mining regions in transition to a developed industry.


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