PM: We are going from a state of alert to a state of maximum alert

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The law on the state of alert in Romania voted in Parliament last week has come into force. The law also stipulates fines for those who won’t respect the restrictions.

Romania has entered the state of alert on Friday, but fines could not be applied, as the law has become operational as of today, May 18.

Fines during the state of alert range from RON 500 to RON 15,000.

Even if the law said terraces can be opened, PM Ludovic Orban mentioned that terraces remain closed.

The Government resolution enforcing the state of alert had been adopted this morning, “to prevent further comments and polemics”, the PM explained.

Along with the adoption of the government resolution we continue the state of alert, but, to put it in other words, we are going from a state of alert to a state of maximum alert, for the law is giving us all tools to enable the observance of the measures and rules in order to defend the health and life of the people,” Orban said.

The premier also added, referring to the fines, that 98% of the Romanians comply with the rules and they must by protected from a minority who breaks the rules and endanger the public health. PM said that fines are a tool so that the people who don’t comply with the law should be determined to have a correct behaviour.

The better we control the spread of the virus, the more chances we have to get back to normality.

In order to adopt the new relaxation measures as of June 1, the measures recently adopted must not prompt a significant rise of the number of infected people. Along with the government resolution, we have the legal tools at hand, including to apply fines.

I was shocked when I saw people accusing us for applying fines, and now they were accusing us why we haven’t apply the fines.

Fines are a tool against those who are not complying with the law and to make them have a correct behaviour.

We are in democracy, but not in anarchy, the democracy works for the benefit of those who comply with the law”, Orban stated.

The new state of alert comes along with some amendments compared to the previous resolution taken by the Committee for the Emergency Situations on Friday.

So, according to the new document, the number of people who can attend to private events in enclosed spaces is 8, and not 16 as the Committee had established on Friday.

Traveling outside the city of residence is allowed only based on an affidavit that comprises all situations when the ride is allowed.

At the same time, groups larger than 3 people are banned when going out inside the locality of residence unless they are member of the same family.

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