PMP calls for setting general election date before December 1, not interested in PSD’s censure motion

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PMP Executive chair Eugen Tomac calls on the government to organize the general elections before December 1, adding that the two options of December 4 and December 11 suggested by the government are unsuited.

“Both dates are unsuited. (…) I remember the presidential elections in 2014 were held by about two months before the end of President Basescu’s term. So it wouldn’t be a problem to organize the elections earlier,” the PMP leader said on Monday.

The same stance was expressed last Friday by ALDE and PSD.

On the other hand, Tomac said PMP is not interested in the censure motion announced by the social-democrats.

“We do not support it and we are not going to join talks on this issue, as it is a frivolous topic. What PSD is doing now is a failed attempt. We will not be put besides PSD in such a step,” Eugrn Tomac said.

“If Dragnea was a serious character wanting to topple the government, he could have withdrawn all PSD secretaries of state, heads of agencies, undersecretaries of state from the government,” Tomac said.

Although PMP does not support a censure motion, Traian Basescu’s party is dissatisfied by the Dacian Ciolos government because “it hasn’t had the strength to approach the health reform seriously.”


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