PMP calls on the Opposition parties to join in submitting censure motion

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PMP chairman Eugen Tomac has sent an open letter to the PNL and USR leaders, Ludovic Orban and Dan Barna on Monday, urging them to accept filing together a censure motion against the Government, comparing the violent intervention during the Diaspora rally of August 10 to a „miners’ riot”.

The miners’ riot of August 10 and the catastrophic way that Dancila Government has handled the African swine fever’s crisis are, among others, more than enough reasons to take the worst ministers’ cabinet out of Victoria Palace. In this respect we drafted a censure motion that we have publicly presented (…) I call on you to come together and to file, in the name of the entire Opposition, a censure motion against this government led by a person who has only one plan: to destroy everything for his own salvation! Now, it is the most suitable moment. Tomorrow it will be too late! Romania needs another government. Romanians expect actions, not justifications!,” PMP chairman Eugen Tomac announced in a Facebook post on Monday.

Tomac added that he accepts the fact that the Opposition leaders did not want to co-sign the censure motion initiated by PMP.

I can accept the fact that you didn’t want to sign the motion, despite the fact that we have endorsed all the Opposition’s actions in the past two years without reserve. Both when PNL has initiated motions against the Cabinets led by Dragnea and when USR has been the initiator. However, beyond any political calculations, we are talking about Romania and the destinies of millions of Romanians, who are humiliated on a daily basis by the irresponsible actions of the state institutions. These institutions, blinded by various political fights and interests, have ended up acting against their own citizens, the way the Interior Minister did through the completely ridiculous criminal complaint of the Romanian Gendarmerie that accused a coup d’etat,” said Tomac.

A week ago, the PMP chairman used to announced that no censure motion would be filed against the Government in the current parliamentary session, because no one from the Opposition had signed the motion’s draft by then.

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