PMP deputy excluded from the party following his vote in favour of the censure motion


People’s Movement Party (PMP) chairman Eugen Tomac (photo) stated Thursday evening, in a press conference in Zalau, that the Salaj County deputy Liviu Balint has behaved as a ‘political tramp’, as he traded his ballot for the censure motion against the Grindeanu cabinet and, consequently, will be excluded from the party.

Tomac accused Balint of trading his ballot so that his wife is appointed head of the Salaj Ambulance service.

“There are PMP county organisations which were voted by tens of thousands of people and didn’t succeed in joining the parliament. However, besides the high quality colleagues who have understood their meaning and the effort, others were also elected in parliament. What happened on Wednesday left us a bitter taste. One of our colleagues, head of the Salaj County organisation, has made an unacceptable step in politics, i.e. he believed the MP term was his own and so he can do whatever he wants, although we have clearly decided not to interfere in PSD’s game,” Tomac said, according to

The PMP chairman said “Balint behaved like a political tramp, believing the mandate is his own and he can do whatever he wants. Not in this party. We believe politics is conducted in good faith, with respect for the colleagues, to the firm commitments, so we have decided to exclude him from the party.”

Tomac expressed his hope the PMP Salaj members will understand that such behaviour is inadequate and will remain united in the county branch.

He added he expects Liviu Balint to resign from the parliamentary group and as MP and to leave vacant the deputy seat for the next politician on the list.

The county organisation will elect in the next sitting the branch chairman, until then the branch is managed by first deputy chairman Fekete Carol.

The Grindeanu cabinet was dismissed on Wednesday following a no-confidence vote filed by the PSD-ALDE governing coalition.


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