PMP remains without parliamentary group at the Senate as two MPs join PSD. Emergency party sitting convened


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Two PMP senators have announced on Tuesday they resign from the party and will join the Social-democrats. After the two Senators announcement, the PMP parliamentary group is to be disbanded, according to the rules of the Superior Chamber of Parliament. Former President, Traian Basescu, currently PMP leader, has convened an emergency meeting.

Senators Ioan Iustin Talpoş and Ion Ganea and Deputy Valeriu Steriu have publicly announced that they have signed for PSD.

“The group will be dissolved. I haven’t yet submitted a request to the Standing Bureau, but I have communicated the decision in the PMP group, I will go to the PSD,” Senator Ion Ganea said.

Traian Basescu reacted. “I’ve sent Dragnea three bootlickers, may they serve him well,” Basescu said at the beginning of the meeting, reports.

He said he regrets that the PMP MPs have not left for PNL or USR.

“In this way, Dragnea will get strengthened. After these desertions I see Mr. Steriu, who has not come to the party offices for six-seven months, all of a sudden has become a writer. (…) We’ve lost three MPs from UNPR. (…) There’s no secret, we knew about Ganea, Steriu, Tabugan they are holding negotiations. They assured us that’s not true, they are most honest, but nevertheless it was true, it has always been true, although they denied it,” Basescu said.

According to the Senate Regulation for the establishment of a parliamentary group, at least 7 senators are needed. The PMP group had eight senators, but with the departure of two of its senators, the group will be disbanded.

Former UNPR leader, Valeriu Steriu, has announced on Tuesday that he is leaving PMP and returns to PSD, the party he left in 2009 to join UNPR.

Gabriela Firea, the Bucharest Mayor General, said on Tuesday that 7 MPs have decided to join the Social-Democratic Party in the past days, and their number might increase, Firea said PSD cannot sit and watch its party members leaving.

“A few days ago several MPs have signed for PSD in the chairman’s office (Liviu Dragnea’s – our note). He will make an announcement in the coming days,” Firea said on Monday for Antena 3 TV.

Firea’s announcement came following the exodus of several important PSD members to former PM Victor Ponta’s ‘Pro Romania’ party, among them the former Health Minister, Nicolae Banicioiu.


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