PM’s control body: RON 18.1m paid in the past 5 years for 29 feasibility studies, never used


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The Ministry of Energy, the Transport Ministry, the Ministry of Communication and the Ministry of Economy and subordinated companies have contracted, during January 1, 2011-June 30, 2016 some 92 feasibility studies amounting to RON 92.9 million (VAT included), financed by the state budget. Out of them, 75 feasibility studies have been completed (amounting to RON 39.2 million, payments made of RON 23.9 million) a document released by the Prime Minister’s Control Body reads. RON 18.1 million was paid for 29 feasibility studies that were never used, informs.

By analysing the results of the four ministries, the control body concludes: A low efficiency was registered for the feasibility studies paid with public money; the financial effort of RON 23,925,001.68 (VAT included) was compensated only in a 24.23% share, representing the feasibility studies paid and used;

The first five contractors with amounts collected having the largest share in the total amount of the money paid for feasibility studies by the four ministries of RON 18,128,775.83 are:

  • GREEN HIDROFOR S.R.L with the amount of RON 10,244,880 representing a 56,51% share;
  • EXPERT PROIECT 2002 S.R.L. & BETARMEX S.R.L. with the amount of RON 2,446,959.50 representing a 13,50% share;
  • S.P.C.F. S.A. – E.D.I.N. S.R.L. – S.T.E. S.R.L. – PEGASO INGEGNERIA SRL with the amount of RON 2,445,869.43 representing a 13,49% share;
  • BAICONS IMPEX S.R.L. with the amount of RON 927,427 representing a 5.12% share;
  • CONSIS PROIECT S.R.L. with the amount of RON 558,000 representing a 3.08% share.




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