PM’s honorary adviser Eugen Teodorovici, sacked after ten days following stances against Gov’t

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PM Mihai Tudose has removed PSD senator Eugen Teodorovici from his position as honorary adviser at the Government, official sources told local media. The removal comes one day after Teodorovici had slammed several Gov’t controversial measures, like the football stadium in Alexandria, Teleorman (PSD chairman Dragnea’s fief), and after he had made statements on a potential taxation on the Church’s incomes.

Eugen Orlando Teodorovici was minister in two Victor Ponta Cabinets: minister of European Funds (December 2012-March 2015) and minister of Finances (Marc 2015-November 2015).

He was appointed adviser on July 4, 2017. Last week, he explained he would be honorary adviser of PM Mihai Tudose just as long as the proposals he made on various economy sectors would be considered, while assuring there would not be any fiscal “hops” or “fantasies”. He also claimed back then that he accepted this position despite his name had been rumored and “expected by many for key positions in the Government” and despite the way he had been treated by the Social Democrat leadership.

So, during a recent TV show this week, Teodorovici slammed the Regional Development Ministry’s decision to allot EUR 12 M for a football stadium in Teleorman. “It’s not justified,” he said about the allotment, revealing that the Development Minister Sevil Shaidehh can take this decision without the premier’s consent.

Teodorovici also talked about the Church’s taxation.

The Chruch must understand and choose. We are living in the 21st century. Money is needed,” he stated, adding he would talk to the Church representatives on this topic.

It’s a discussion under way inside the Government. We either retrocede what is to be retroceded and then we find a way of taxation for this is normal,” Teodorovici argued.

If we make a calculation how much the Romanian state has financed the Chruch in the past 10 or 27 years, we’ll see there are very important sums at stake. But we must find a balance. I repeat, I have no doubt that my proposal will be accepted by the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR),” the former adviser pointed out.

However, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea denied the taxation issue is debated in the ruling coalition, stressing that he doesn’t endorse it.

I say we try to keep some institutions in Romania, at least we can help them exist. I don’t support this option. Some will feel angry, but I don’t support it,” Dragnea said on Friday.

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