PM’s mother: Striking a mother, you strike her son

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PM Ponta’s mother, Cornelia Naum, heard by DNA last week in a EU funds embezzlement case, made her first appearance in the media after this scandal, saying she has nothing to do with her son-in-law’s company and that all this row targets her son, Victor Ponta. Cornelia Naum told Antena 3 on Saturday night that she set up this accountancy company together with her daughter in 2000, after she retired, but it had no connections to Grossman company.

Iulian Her?anu, Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s brother-in-law, has been placed under preventive arrest for 30 days about three weeks ago in the fraud file regarding European funds for sewerage in Comarnic, carried out by SC Grossman Engineering Group, managed by him.

Ponta’s mother also said she did not understand why she was called for hearings when she didn’t see any document of Grossmann Engineering Group and had no links to this company.

Cornelia Naum is convinced this file is aiming her son, also pointing out that this file could affect his image. She said she would ask Victor Ponta to resign if she could convince him.

“Striking the mother, you strike the son, striking a sister, you strike her brother (…) If I could convince him to leave this position tomorrow (….) I would, but he is no child anymore. He hasn’t been doing what his mother tells him to for a long time,” the premier’s mother argued.

As for Victor Ponta, asked why he hasn’t accompanied his mother at the National Anti-corruption Directorate in Ploiesti when she had been heard, he said he wanted to, but her mother turned him down, so that he could not be accused of influencing the justice system.

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