PNL and USR refer to CCR the law decriminalizing the corruption offenses


The PNL and USR Deputies have referred to the Constitutional Court the bill promoted by social-democrat Catalin Radulescu (aka. ‘AKM MP’ – our note) regarding the prevention, revealing and sanctioning of the corruption offenses. The two parties say the draft bill adopted by Parliament is not consistent with a previous decision of the court.

They say the Parliament has ignored the general considerations of the CCR decision no. 584/September 25, 2018, which affects, from constitutional view, the content of the sole article in the form adopted after review, informs.

CCR mentioned in the decision that the law in force observes the international obligations assumed by the Romanian state, whereas the cut in its area of effect “would mean, as explained, to accept and tolerate corruption deeds, which fundamentally collides with the international obligations assumed by the Romanian state.”

PNL and USR argue the bill is unconstitutional.

The law promoted by MP Catalin Radulescu was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, as decision-making body, on April 16, 2018 and submitted on April 24, 2019 to the Senate’s and to the Chamber’s Secretary General in order to be subject of referral to the Constitutional Court. The law was adopted by ordinary procedure, the deadline to notify the CCR is 5 days.


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