PNL and USR request Defence Minister’s resignation, following the statements on Deveselu’s ballistic missiles

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National Liberal Party (PNL) leader, Ludovic Orban and spokesman Ionel Danca have requested on Wednesday the resignation of Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, following his statements Tuesday evening regarding the ‘ballistic missiles in Deveselu’.

Ludovic Orban said that “minister Fifor knows that in his position nobody plays with words. The difference between interceptor missiles and ballistic missiles is fundamental and has hue implications. Our country hosts a defensive system, not an offensive one. The minister’s statement seriously twists this reality and can only fuel Moscow’s propaganda, which is trying to promote the idea of offensive character of the Deveselu base. The SM-3 interceptors do not have explosive devices,” Orban said.

On the other hand, PNL spokesman Ionel Danca stressed that the stupidity of Dancila Government is becoming dangerous, risks taking us to war.

“Mihai Fifor, the Defence Minister, states we have ‘ballistic’ missiles in Deveselu base. The stupidity of Dancila Government is becoming dangerous, risks taking us to war,” PNL spokesman Ionel Danca said.

In turn, Save Romania Union (USR) leader, Dan Barna, has requested the urgent resignation of Mihai Fifor, because the statement Tuesday evening is ‘irresponsible’ and confirms Russia’s war rhetoric against Romania and NATO.

“Mihai Fifor, the Defence Minister, wrongly states that we have ballistic missiles – offensive, not interceptors – defensive, in Deveselu. It is a statement that confirms, irresponsibly, Russia’s rhetoric against Romania and NATO. Mihai Fifor has to urgently resign! I request his resignation! This stunning statement comes one week after the one made by Agriculture Minister, Petre Daea, who made a comparison between the slaughtering of pigs infested by African swine fever with the Holocaust, the greatest genocide in history. Despite the official protests from Israel, from the organisations fighting anti-Semitism and from the civil society, Petre Daea is still in office, such development would not have been expected in a normal country, with a responsible government. The same (mistake) was made by the head of the ignorant (cabinet), Viorica Dancila, after the resounding fiasco of the tournament in the Balkans, full of unacceptable diplomatic gaffes.  Where is this Government leading us to? Straight towards war?” Barna said.

Former President Traian Basescu says Fifor should leave the Gov’t

Former President, Traian Basescu, currently PMP Senator, says minister Fifor should leave the Government.

Basescu argues Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, has succeeded to make the most incorrect statement in post-communist era. (…) “He claims in Deveselu are ballistic missiles. He thus confirms the frequent statements made by Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov, Sergey Shoigu and other Russian dignitaries who try to discredit the reality, in Deveselu is working a defensive missile system and not an offensive one,” Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.

The former head of state argues Fifor fuels the Russian propaganda trying to find justification for violating the agreements with the US and NATO in order to place armament in Crimea.

“Furthermore, Fifor’s statement discredits Romania and the US in front of their allies, which could believe they’ve been misinformed about the Deveselu facilities. Fifor has become the strongest ally of the Russian Federation,” Basescu wrote.

Defence Minister’s statement and denial

Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, made a blunder Tuesday evening, during the talk-show for Antena 3 TV private broadcaster, saying that Romania has, at the Deveselu military base, ballistic missiles…, instead of interceptor anti-ballistic missiles.

On Wednesday, Minister Fifor said it is an interpretation error and he did not say the Deveselu base has ballistic missiles.

“I do not believe someone would ever say that Deveselu has ballistic missiles. Last evening I said the Deveselu base deals with the ballistic missiles, in no way that we have ballistic missiles. It is unlikely for me not to know what he have at Deveselu, about the interceptor missiles and the way the missile shield works. It was only an error of understanding, of communication in the worst case,” Mihai Fifor said for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster.

In regard to the requests for resignation, Mihai Fifor, says it’s the job of the Opposition to speculate any misunderstanding, adding that his statements regarding the Deveselu base were “a misunderstanding.”

“It’s their job, they just have to do their programme, I have nothing to comment on, I’ve explained, and I sustain my point of view,” he added.

He said that “the role of the Opposition is to do these things.”

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