PNL Bucharest leadership team resigns, assumes responsibility for election results


PNL Bucharest leader Cristian Busoi and the entire leadership team have announced resignation on Monday.

“Me and the entire PNL Bucharest leadership team assume responsibility for the score in elections in Bucharest,” Busoi says in a press release, reports.

Busoi says that, despite of the poor results in the capital city, PNL Bucharest had good organization and did what was needed to support the PNL campaign at national level.

He stressed that, when taking over the organization, it was voted by 74,041 people at local elections, whereas this year the number of voters has doubled.

“I thank the presidents of districts for mobilization and the PNL volunteers who helped with the PNL messages to reach the Bucharesters. I also thank Mr. Rares Bogdan for his involvement in the campaign,” Cristian Busoi said.

He lays part of the responsibility on the national leadership, saying that “in Bucharest and the big cities most important is the political vote, the national image of the party and of its leaders.”

Busoi has also criticized USR, part of the USR-PLUS 2020 Alliance, which won 41% of votes in Bucharest, arguing that it wasn’t a fair ally, but a competitor aiming that PNL gets a low score.

In the election for European Parliament, in Bucharest the votes went to USR-PLUS 2020 Alliance – 41.1%, PSD – 16.7%, PNL – 15.8%, PMP – 8.1%, Pro Romania – 6.88% and ALDE 4.1%.

Rares Bogdan denies intention to run for Bucharest city hall

Rares Bogdan has said on Monday is will not run for Bucharest City hall, adding he has other plans.

“I’ve promised during the election campaign to support many of our candidates, mayors in office or candidates in various cities,” Rares Bogdan said.

“I believe the party has valuable people to run against Mrs. Firea (incumbent mayor – our note). I will not run for Bucharest City Hall, I have other plans,” he said.

He added that, if his terms are accepted, he could agree to take over the PNL Bucharest leadership.

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