PNL challenges to the CCR the laws on CSM activity, corporate governance and over-taxation of gas

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The Liberals have filed on Wednesday notifications of unconstitutionality to the Constitutional Court (CCR) regarding the amendments to the Law 317/2004 on the activity of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), on the law on corporate governance of public enterprises and on the law regarding over-taxation of gas.

Regarding the amendments made to Law 317/2004 on the organization and activity of the Superior Council of Magistracy, the PNL identified vices of unconstitutionality that could invalidate the draft law as a whole, both in relation to the way it was adopted and in relation to the regulations contrary to the Constitution, which refers to the procedure for appointing the CSM leadership.

Regarding the amendments to the Government Emergency Ordinance 109/2011 on Corporate Governance of Public Enterprises, the PNL Deputies have reported numerous violations of the legal procedure in the process of drafting and adopting the draft law, as well as the establishment of an extraordinary legal regime, conferring to the Government attributions exceeding the constitutional framework.

In the case of the law on the adoption of Government Emergency Ordinance 7/2013 on the introduction of the tax on the extra income generated by the deregulation of natural gas prices, the liberals found a clearly discriminatory regulation that could lead to the over-taxation of gas producers and distributors in relation to other categories of taxpayers.

Last week, PNL challenged the amendments to the ANI Law to the CCR.


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