PNL decides on cancelling special pensions, except for the military ones


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The National Liberal Party (PNL) has decided to cancel special pensions, except for the ones given to the magistrates and military, deputy PM Raluca Turcan announced on Monday, arguing that the removal of “a crass inequity” is desired.

However, later in the evening, PM Ludovic Orban mentioned that the only pensions excepted from being cancelled will be the ones given to the military, and not to magistrates.


“We would like that along with the cancellation of certain privileges to come up with a law to remove all inequities in the system by setting a starting point for the contribution principle”, Turcan said.

Overall, there were 187,480 pensions in payment in June this year, 178,168 for military and 9,312 non-military.

“There are almost 9 billion euros spent by the Romanian state on special pensions. The country expects that pensions in Romania are calculated based on the contribution principle, and that the politicians’ privilege should be removed”, the deputy PM added.

The average special pension is:

  • RON 18,150  – judges and prosecutors
  • RON 10,869 – aeronautical staff
  • RON 7,744  – Court of Accounts
  • RON 4,446  – public servant, MP

Out of those 9,312 non-military beneficiaries of special pensions, 5,818 received over RON 6,000/month, RON 4,046 over RON 10,000, 1,817-RON 20,000, 162 -over RON 30,000, 10-over RON 40,000.

Out of 178,168 military pensioners of special pensions, 29,584 receive over RON 6,000 per month, 8,929 -over RON 10,000, 147 -over  RON 20,000 and 5-over RON 25,000.

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