PNL eyes simple motion against Justice minister following the crime in Medias

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Liberal vice-president Gigel Stirbu has announced he would propose in the party’s executive meeting on Monday to file a simple motion against Justice Minister Tudorel Toader at the beginning of the parliamentary session in February after more and more inmates have been released from jail based on the compensatory appeal and committed other crimes.

The recent case is the one of the 25-year-old man stabbed to death in Medias by a recidivist who had been released from jail based on the compensatory appeal.

Romania, the heaven of the criminals! Tudorel, the defender of this heaven. I will propose to my fellows in the National Liberal Party today to file a simple motion against the Justice minister at the start of the parliamentary session”, Gigel Stirbu announced on Facebook, arguing that former inmates who benefited of the compensatory appeal have committed new crimes after being released.

We witness a real avalanche of crimes committed by offenders who had benefited of the compensatory appeal, ranging from murders and rapes to robberies and other violent crimes. The main concern of the incumbent minister for two years is how to defend criminals!,” Stirbu concluded.

Another Liberal, deputy Florin Roman has announced on Sunday evening that he would table a draft law to ban people who committed violent crimes, such as murders, murder attempt, robbery or rape from benefiting of the compensatory appeal. He reminded that almost 11,000 offenders have been released from jail earlier based on this appeal, with 700 already returning to prison.

In her turn, PNL first vice-president Raluca Turcan has posted on Facebook on Monday that the compensatory appeal proves the state’s incapacity to solve the problems in prisons. She argued  the Government has preferred to release over 13,000 inmates from prison in the past year, when statistics show that 80% of them are prone to run-in.

The Liberal leader also criticised that favoring criminals is the real ruling programme of the PSD-ALDE coalition.

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