PNL files request to dismiss Ombudsman Renate Weber


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The leaders of the Liberal MPs from the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, Daniel Fenechiu and Florin Roman, have filed a request to dismiss Ombudsman Renate Weber (photo), accusing her of exceeding her legal powers. More precisely, Weber is criticised for triggering the national mechanism on preventing torture in hospitals and for she had challenged the law on taxing special pensions.

“Triggering the national mechanism on preventing torture within hospitals that treat COVID-19 patients, in the view of their monitoring without a concrete ground, consisting in the existence of some notifications meant to prompt reasonable suspicions on the existence of some deeds or facts that can be assimilated to torture. Actually, the monitoring mechanism has been enforced without the hospitals being notified about the administrative note that underlay the monitoring procedure (…) Therefore, the Ombudsman is inducing a state of confusion on her action, which is meant to affect the proper functioning of the health system as a whole, which is a critical state infrastructure during the state of emergency and during the state of alert enforced following the coronavirus pandemic declared by the World Health Organization”, reads the Liberals’ request.

The two PNL leaders also say that the Ombudsman is “in conflict of interest by challenging the law that amends the Tax Code through which special pensions are drastically taxed, thus removing the disparities that prompted the riot of the Romanian people against the inequity of the public pension system”.

PM Ludovic Orban himself has asked his party, PNL, to file a request to dismiss the Ombudsman after Weber had notified the Constitutional Court on the taxation of special pensions. The PM had argued that Renate Weber is “the defender of those who benefit of abnormally high pensions”.

The controversial initiative of the Ombudsman is asking an inquiry into an alleged torture applied to patients treated of COVID-19 across the Romanian hospitals, meaning that doctors are suspected of ‘torturing patients’. So, hundreds of documents have been asked to be sent in ten days.


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