PNL has voted the integrity criteria for candidates running in elections


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The National Liberal Party (PNL) has voted on Friday, during the National Council, the integrity criteria to be observed by the candidates running in local, general and European elections, by an overwhelming margin, with only one vote ‘against’ and one abstention.
The integrity criteria include lustration, political migration, nepotism, contracts with the state, false statements, incompatibility or conflict of interest, discriminatory attitudes, debts to the state budget, plagiarism and criminal matters.
According to the ‘Decalogue’ adopted by the Liberals, candidates will not be able to run for local, parliamentary and European elections if they are aimed by the lustration law (he/she shouldn’t have been member or collaborator of the Securitate, shouldn’t have been a proven undercover officer, should not have held remunerated positions in the leadership of the Romanian Communist Party, at any level), if they were political migrants (who changed their political affiliation so as to be a candidate for a third political party, besides mergers), or they hired persons in public institutions they led or are currently leading – husband/wife, relatives and in-laws to the second degree, if they had businesses with the institution for which they run or with subordinated institutions, and those who have submitted false wealth statements or of interests, proven by a court decision.
Interdictions to run aim at the liberals who have debts to the local budget for longer than one year, those who have received final court rulings for incompatibility and conflict of interest, who have manifested discriminatory attitudes, have made racist, chauvinist, xenophobic or discriminatory statements or have had such attitudes, identified by final court decisions, and those who have obtained degrees and diplomas through plagiarism, ruled upon by a final court decision.
PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu said the liberals will assume electoral promises only if they can meet them, ‘be them few’, adding that PNL will win governance after the general elections next year. “We will manage Romania the way it should be managed. Yes, we will get to govern,” the liberal co-chair said.

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