PNL heralds agreement with PMP


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PM Ludovic Orban, the chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has announced that his party will approve in the National Political Bureau on Monday a draft agreement stipulating the collaboration with PMP (former president Traian Basescu’s party) in the local and county councils across the country, including in the Bucharest General Council.

“Even they had their own candidate (for the Bucharest mayor seat) we are open to a collaboration. We are ready to approve a partnership project with PMP in the county and local councils in the country, including in Bucharest. PMP is our ally in ruling”, Orban told a private broadcaster.

He also announced that a deputy mayor at the Bucharest City Hall will be from PNL and the other one from USR-PLUS.

“The other alliance with USR-PLUS is already established. We had set the coordinates of the agreement when we decided to endorse Nicusor Dan. This is the deal: a deputy mayor from USR-PLUS, and another one from PNL. At the same time, the main idea is also to have an equal number of deputy mayors for the district city halls,” Orban added.

He explained that the aim of these alliances is :”to set up majorities, to govern together”.

On the other hand, PMP leader Traian Basescu said that a potential collaboration cannot be done under any circumstances, but “from top to bottom”. “It’s not working for them to make the alliance where it’s convenient for them and not where it’s not convenient”, Basescu said. He added that “PMP has major suspicions and a low level of trust in Ludovic Orban’s word”.

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