PNL hints at ‘negotiated majority’ for Blaga. Wants to replace Senate Speaker Tariceanu


Former leader of the PDL group in the Senate, Dumitru Oprea, has announced on Sunday, at the end of the sitting Liberal parliamentary groups in the Senate, that the liberals would have a negotiated majority while informally is surfaced the version of taking over the leadership of the upper chamber by Vasile Blaga, reports.

Now PNL and PDL have 63 members and calculations to overthrow Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu are based on votes of independents – 7, UDMR – 8, UNPR – 8, if UNPR breaks and loses some of its 12 senators. Social-democrats suspected to join Geoana group are also considered. At this time, PSD + UNPR group has 77 members and make a majority together with the 15 votes it has from PC-PLR.

However, the Senator officially avoided confirming whether the PNL’s approach is aiming at taking over the Senate leadership for Vasile Blaga.

Also, the Liberal first vice-president Ludovic Orban said that the initiation approach for changing the head of the Senate shall be made when the liberals will have the “guarantee” that they have majority in the Senate.

Orban said that a possible candidate for the leadership of this room will be proposed and validated Liberal group in the National Political Bureau of the party.

According to PNL sources, the current co-chairman of the party Vasile Blaga would be proposed to take over the Senate speaker seat, if PNL will get a majority in the upper chamber of Parliament.

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  1. Ben Jager says

    The PNL and PDL should stop with their party policy games. They are payed for doing things to general interest of the Romanian citizens. Creating political instability is not in the general interest of Romania.

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