PNL notifies the Ombudsman on the establishing of the Romano-Catholic Theological High School in Târgu Mureş

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The Liberals announce that they are to notify the Ombudsman in the case of an emergency ordinance by which the Government establishes the Roman Catholic Theological High School in Targu Mures.

“Dragnea (PSD leader – our note) made the gift promised to Viktor Mihaly Orban, the gift he promised some time ago. The Minister of National Education has issued an order granting temporary authorization to the Roman Catholic Theological High School in Târgu Mureş, with exclusive teaching in Hungarian. Here is a topic that was closed by the decision of the Constitutional Court, which declared unconstitutional the law establishing this high school, moreover, moreover it violates the decision of the Mureş Court (maintained by the Court of Appeals Târgu Mureş), which annulled the decision to set up of this high school,”

PNL Mureş Chairman, Cristian Chirteş, said.

The Executive Chairman of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Marius Paşcan, announced a week ago that he would challenge in court the Order of the Minister of National Education regarding the provisional functioning of the Roman Catholic Theological High School II. Rakoczi Ferenc in Târgu Mureş.

In March 2018, the Constitutional Court of Romania upheld the notification from PNL and PMP, and the draft law adopted by the Parliament regarding the establishment of the Roman Catholic Theological High School in Târgu Mureş was declared unconstitutional.

The Senate, as the decision-making body, has adopted in early February 2018 the legislative proposal for the establishment of the Romano-Catholic Theological High School in Targu Mures as a pre-university education unit with teaching in Hungarian, a draft formerly adopted by the Chamber of Deputies.

In December 2017 the deputies adopted with 172 votes “for”, 62 “against” and 8 abstainers the UDMR project for the establishment of the Theological High School.

The activity of the “Bolyai Farkas” High School was suspended last year, which stirred a diplomatic row between Budapest and Bucharest.

2,500 people took to the streets in early September 2017 to protest against the legal situation of the school. The court ruled in June that the school couldn’t legally function anymore for it lacked the Education Ministry’s positive approvals.

Hungary withdrew the support for Romania’s accession to the OECD, one of the main objectives of Bucharest’s foreign policy, in retort to the suspension of the setting up of a Catholic high school in Targu Mures.

In June 2017 a court of law cancelled the setting up of the Catholic High School in Târgu Mureş. A DNA file was opened on this issue.


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  1. Gabor Gall says

    Dear ladies and gentlemen!

    Hungarians living in the West have been deeply shocked by the fact, that Hungarians in Romania are discriminated against Romanians!

    For Romanians there are allowed to go in religious schools, while the Hungarians have to suffer a lot of humiliations by the Romanian politicians!

    What kind of democracy is in Romania, where do not consider the pedagogical, traditional and cultural needs of the Hungarians?

    What kind of country is Romania, where Hungarians are humiliated and attacked constantly by Romanian politicians?

    How long must we wait until Romania grows up to the level of Western democracy and not persecute Hungarian students, teachers, and parents in Tirgu Mures at the Catholic school?

    With best wishes,

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